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Pollinate Sweden

We founded Pollinate Sweden in 2017 to spread knowledge and awareness about the situation for solitary bees, bumblebees, honeybees and other pollinators.

The founders of Pollinate Sweden had realised that, despite the importance of pollination in food production, knowledge was still too scarce on how to befriend pollinators. We saw the importance to reach out with correct information to politicians, farmers, food producers, engineers, landscape architects, gardeners, teachers and the public in our country.

For this purpose Pollinate Sweden gathered some of Sweden’s experts and representatives of NGOs working with pollination.

The first workshop took place at the beginning of December 2017 in Stockholm. There was full agreement to start a collaboration between the twenty representatives taking part, and since we have held several workshops and meetings on different topics. 


We want the question of pollination to become as important and well known as climate change, plastic pollution or food waste, just to mention some other areas where people have gathered together to create attention on an urgent matter.

Our mission is that the full value of pollination shall be well known and that organisations, researchers, farmers, food producers and companies who engage in the issue will become estimated for their achievements.


We launched the National Pollination Week in May 2017 and have since got increasing attention for pollination and pollinators both from the public, our network and media.

During the annual Pollination Week members of our network arrange pollinator walks, create homes for wild bees and introduce bee friendly seed bags. There have also been Beehive Days and Honey Tastings with local beekeepers. People all over the country are taking part in different activities during the Pollination Week in May.

During Pollination Week 2019 we arranged a Pollinator Forum with invited experts such as Lucas Garibaldi from University of Rio Negro and Maj Rundlöf from University of Lund.

Through coordinated events we have developed a National campaign that grows from year to year, and in the long term will become an important and positive event for citizens to share.

To inspire and reach out to other countries we also started a new homepage in English – Pollinate Europe.

Members of the network

Members of the network Pollinate Sweden will share each others knowledge and material on pollination and take part in events like Pollination Week:

Swedish Bees / Svenska Bin
Swedish Public Parks & Gardens
the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
The Federation of Swedish Farmers
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research/University of Lund
the Swedish Professional Beekeepers
Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Urban Gardeners Alliance
Biodiversity Day
Municipalities that engage in different pollinator friendly activities,
such as Örkelljunga Bee Paradise and Södertälje

Pollinate Sweden is partly funded by the National Apiculture Program in Sweden.


Pollinate Sweden is founded by Anna Lind Lind Lewin and Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen who have also been running the campaigns of the association Swedish Bees

Activities 2019

Seminars on pollination during the Nordic Beekeeping Congress Apiscandia in Gothenburg / February

Campaign about pollination and pollinator friendly plants with Nordic Plantshop Plantagen

Nordic conference on pollination outside Oslo 7th-8th of May 2019

Pollination Week 18th-26th of May 2019

Pollination Forum 23rd of May at Rosendals Garden

Seed company Pratensis elected as ”Pollinator of the Year 2019”

Campaign material from Pollinate Sweden wins Publishingprize / 5 nov

Workshop with network and planning of Pollination Week 2020