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Do you know who pollinates our food?

There are thousands of pollinating insects in Sweden, like butterflies, bumblebees, solitary bees, honeybees, flies and beetles. All of them important to pollinate our food, our cultivated land and wild nature.

Here in SURR you can meet some of them in close-up portraits by photographer Lena Granefelt.

The pictures are also exhibited in five different places around Sweden during the annual Pollination Week, from Kivik in the south to Skellefteå in the north.

5 ways to help the pollinators

  • plant bee friendly flowers, herbs, bushes and trees that flower from early spring to late autumn.

  • Create a traditional meadow with local flowers or just let the grass grow and see what comes up!

  • Bless the mess in your garden – save some dead wood, sticks and leaves – they are the home of many species.

  • Save some weed like dandelion, nettles and thistles for the pollinating insects to collect food from.

  • Provide homes for bees and insects by drilling holes in wood stumps and building bee hotels. Don’t forget to create sandy, open environments for the many bees that nest in the ground.